The relationship between Japanese prints and pictorial portraiture

How beautiful vintage Japanese graphics are!  How full of majesty are these lines almost erased by time! the mystery of these works captivated my imagination ....


Circulation art products served as advertisements, posters, posters, and served to entertain and sometimes educate. The artistic language of engraving had to be as clear and expressive as possible. The desire for simple
expressiveness of the image led to the formation of a special style with its inherent play of lines, spots of color and generalization of forms.

Japanese art in the images of historical graphics brings the extraordinary beauty of lush hairstyles and harmony of shades in costume and accessories. The main information about the characters, their moods and feelings were communicated by compositional techniques, clothing and coloristic solutions. Thus, in the portraits of beauties, the heroine was recognized not by her external resemblance, but by the costume, accessories, coats of arms and texts accompanying the engraving. Exaggerated stage movements, expressive poses and eye-catching clothes are also characteristic.

The hairstyles of the women of the Land of the Rising Sun were quite elaborate and most often consisted of several elements. These were high hairstyles with bunches, which were created using velvet rollers or pads that were placed under the hair. This added volume.


For the sake of voluminous and heavy styling Japanese women made numerous sacrifices: weekly their huge hairstyles were fixed with special products, and in order not to wrinkle this work of hairdressing art, they slept practically sitting up, putting high cotton rolls under their heads.

The luxurious hairstyles of Japanese beauties were decorated with colorful ribbons, combs and pins made of natural materials: wood, coral, tortoise shell and flowers. Noble men, including the emperor, wore a headdress made up of hair twisted into bundles at the top of the head. Silk or velvet bags were worn on top of such hairstyles.

For the picture we created a high extravagant style, maximally revealing the back of the head and neck. The stylist used an interesting technique of corrugation, combining it with the creation of spectacular curls, then the hair was fluffed with a comb even more into tiny spirals and secured with hairspray.

The final stage of the idea was a bundle of hair, the shape resembling a bulb, which allowed to give the greatest conciseness and originality.


Photography: Ksenia Cherdakova @chrdkk

Hair: Natalie Vejleva @natalie_atmosphere_work 


Editor: Anna Korshunova

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