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The role of jewelry and the process of dressing in costume


I chose "cognac diamonds" as the prototype gemstones for the jewelry. In 2001, at the Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show, fashion jeweler Pasquale Bruni presented his "cognac" collection of diamond jewelry, which caused a real sensation. The whole world discovered the beauty of diamonds of a unique cognac color. If you take your time to look at them, they make a lasting impression. At first, only a faint golden inner glow is caught, however, turning the stone in different directions and looking inside, one can notice in the mineral of unparalleled beauty a shade reminiscent of old cognac.

Brown shades of diamonds have always been valued quite low, but thanks to jewelry fashion today their value far exceeds the most daring expectations. It's all about the color, which is put on a pedestal. There are a total of seven shades in the palette of brown diamonds, the most popular of which are "cognac", "chocolate" and "champagne". Unlike white diamonds, brown diamonds are set only in yellow gold, which best accentuates their color.

The success of the image depends entirely on the ability to set accents. Gold accessories are placed on those parts of the body that want to emphasize. And if there are several rings on one hand, only one of them should be with a stone, and also simultaneously wear jewelry with stones of the same color. But when combined with clothes observe the contrast. For example, amethysts are not put on blue and blue, rubies - on red, and turquoise - on blue and green.

Before I even start the painting, I have to see what it will be like in the end. It is important to imagine the coloring, the composition, how much space the model's image will take up. It is necessary to understand how to light everything and what angle to catch in order to convey the most sincere facial expressions of the poser; to correct every fold, turn of the head, give a favorable position to the fingers of the hands.

A stick resembling a mahogany cane was a nice addition to the image. In fact, it is an ordinary "handyman" - an artist's tool for painting. This detail made the portrait more interesting, more dynamic. and, very importantly, the shape of the hand and fingers. This kind of cane gave the model a little support when posing and allowed to focus attention not only on the hand itself, but also on the ring with a stone and a bracelet of golden pearls.

And then after all the work has been done, the photographic materials are given to the will of the colors.


Photography: Ksenia Cherdakova @chrdkk

Photography: Andy Grey @a.greyphoto

Model: Elena Vinogradova @wtmh_

Hair: Natalie Vejleva @natalie_atmosphere_work

Assistant: Teo Leone @teoleone

Producer, costume, make-up: Daria Dolgareva @_martdaria_


Editor: Anna Korshunova

Telegram: @korshunova_a_s