The "languid" look

I colored my eyelids with black shadow to make the eyes the highlight of the portrait. Thanks to careful blending of the pigment, I was able to achieve a spectacular look. This technique is called "smoky eyes", which means "smoky eyes": by creating a smooth transition from darker shades of shadow to lighter shades of shadow, you get the so-called smoky effect. This technique uses black pencil above the lash line, under the lashes and in the tear duct area.

This style of makeup originated back in the 20s and 30s of the last century, under the influence of cinema. Movies were the main form of entertainment at the time, and many fashion trends came from there. For decades, movies were silent and black and white, so fashionistas of that time used black eye shadow, thus giving the eyes the most expressiveness and roundness.

The shape of eyebrows was taken into account when choosing the color of shadows for makeup. They should be well-groomed and look natural. The combination of cold shades of shadows with warm tones of lipstick is exceptionally beautiful, so for the popular and nowadays popular "smoky eyes" I preferred brown and grayish-black pigments, and made lips visible, but as natural as possible.


The pale, slightly transparent skin and naturally scarlet lips blended beautifully with the color of the costume and the chosen background colors. "Smoky eyes" allowed to emphasize the main detail of the portrait - the eyes - and gave a beautiful contrast to the skin, while echoing the hair and black collar.


Photography: Ksenia Cherdakova @chrdkk

Hair: Natalie Vejleva @natalie_atmosphere_work 
Makeup: @_martdaria_


Editor: Anna Korshunova

Telegram: @korshunova_a_s