Working with props

Real ordinariness doesn't appeal to me, so I create something different. 

At times I have to be not only a painter, but also a seamstress, stylist, and makeup artist. The need arises to create a costume ensemble with additional accompaniments, be it a dress, hats or jewelry.

There is a big difference between the concepts of "clothing", "costume" and "costume ensemble". The main functions of clothing are protective and utilitarian-practical. The concept of "costume" is more capacious than "clothing". It is a way and manner of wearing articles of clothing, connected by a single idea and reflecting a certain stage of development of the era, culture.


"A costume ensemble is an artistic solution of a costume, supplemented with accessories and carrying a certain idea. In it every detail is in its place, and as in a good composition, there is nothing superfluous - you do not want to add or subtract. 

When creating an idea for a painting, the cumulative image of the epochs is most often borrowed, without straightforward copying. My task was to give the modern costume, using the means of current sewing techniques and technology, fabrics and finishes, some significant qualities of the reproduced era.


This project is influenced by the French and Dutch bourgeois fashion of the 17th century, as well as the creations of haute couture houses such as Dior and Gucci, with their vision of the historical image.

My idea is a suit of modest cut and dark tones in a simple canvas raincoat-polyester fabric, moderately complemented by a collar and cuffs of milky dense cotton.


The silhouette is an oversize, loose-fitting cape where the long, loose skirt falls in loose pleats to the floor, completing the silhouette with an elongated train. This top, open cape is fastened with a decorative strap, which raises the waistline. The strap itself is enriched with a jeweled brooch. The cape can be opened so that the black satin underdress is visible from underneath.

Black is never unambiguous. It is the color of significance, which became the standard of elegance before the XX century. It perfectly emphasizes the skin tone, whether it is pale peach or pale scarlet. Jewels look spectacular against the background of black color, and it does not distract attention to unnecessary colors, allows you to emphasize the dignity of the body.

By analogy with the historical costume of the XVII century, in this image it was necessary to create a visual illusion of an unusually thin waist and sloping shoulders with the help of compositional lines. The sash-tight torso will contrast on the model with the puffy skirt and balloon sleeves.


A large lace-trimmed milk-white collar and slightly shorter sleeves are an essential part of the costume. The sleeve has a very puffy silhouette and ends with a cuff made of the same dense cotton with lace. Cotton collar with light expensive lace will perfectly shade the face, emphasize the smoothness and freshness of the skin, the vivid color of the beautiful face of the sitter, and make the eyes shine.



I feel the desire to create portraits that depict the elegance of the fashion of our days, as fashion is the most beautiful expression of the spirit of the times.

Редактор: Anna Korshunova

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