The aesthetics of the new costume ensemble

The best way to generate a good idea is to come up with lots of ideas.


For the new looks, I combined rustic style and Japanese culture fashion. Rustic (from the French or Latin "rustic") style stands for simple, rustic, rough. It is this characteristic that guided the choice of materials for clothing. With regard to closet items, fabrics in the style of "rustic" have a rough texture with a pronounced weave of threads. The main features of the design thought are embodied with the help of natural materials, simplified forms and minimal ways of their processing. These are coarse fabrics, thick yarns, uncomplicated lines of styles and simple free cut.

When choosing fabrics for sewing my product, I gave preference to natural materials - cotton and linen. When making the robe I used linen with emphasized rough texture and voluminous weave, reminiscent of tapestry. Also in the style of "rustic" organically fit "hand made" products, made by hand, without factory technology. The belt made of jute rope, which I fluffed at the ends to create tassels, was partly such an addition.


The prototype for this costume was the kimono, a traditional item of clothing in Japan. The word "kimono" originally referred to the entire garment, but eventually came to refer to a certain type of long robe, which is still popular today. For quite some time now, this article of clothing has been characterized as a straight robe, falling down to the ankles, with a V-shaped collar and sleeves reaching to the wrist.

Kimono, a stylish garment with a centuries-old history, is a powerful source of inspiration for European designers and fashion designers, combining simplicity of cut and elegance. Remarkably, kimonos are worn not only by women, but men and even children. Thus, according to Japanese philosophy, the boundaries between young and old, strong and weak halves of humanity are erased, because the mental attitude is much more important.


Japanese fashion is also known for its unique trends, one of which is all kinds of jewelry to create elaborate hairstyles, such as combs and bobby pins. In ancient times, jewelry played, besides decorative, an important strategic role: not only to fix the hair, but also to be a secret weapon in case of an unexpected attack. I was very excited by the idea of combining different styles with each other and seeing what would come out of it.

Редактор: Anna Korshunova

Telegram @korshunova_a_s

Photography: Ksenia Cherdakova @chrdkk