The World through the Eyes of a Pictorial Storyteller

"Fantasy worlds have always fascinated me and I had the idea to convey in the painting a resemblance to the world of absurd fantasy."


Painting «The Mysterious Hatter»

Oil painting on wood, 45 x 60 cm

It's amazing how much inspiration cinema can provide, because it allows you to explore other universes. My painting, The Mysterious Hatter, is a tribute to Tim Burton's amazing world based on Lewis Carroll's Alice in Wonderland. The story of Alice is a fairy tale kingdom that has captured the imagination of many people. The whimsical and macabre aesthetic of the story has inspired creative personalities and been adapted countless times over the years, from books to movies, TV series, photo projects, and even video games.


One of the most interesting interpretations of this story is the film by American filmmaker Tim Burton. The world he depicts is grotesque and strange, but not without human warmth. Only in Tim Burton's films you can see the incredible transformation of images, where the story evokes a desire to penetrate there. Very impressive is the scene that reflects the Mad Hatter's tea party, where the viewer is immersed in a riot of colors, traveling between purple, pink, bright blue and green colors mixed together in a whirlpool of movement. The Mad Hatter is depicted in the center of the work, and his disheveled hair and eccentric clothing set him apart from the other characters

"I took the liberty of combining elements of mysticism with ancient pictorial traditions to create a fragment from the world of sweet dreams."


I am drawn to conveying beauty through the appearance of something "strange" and perhaps that is why I express my ideas in unusual ways. I like to experiment on new levels while using my old methods. The characters in my paintings are real people reincarnated in the picture, immersed in a fictional world and almost always illuminated by a mystical light. I have used all these techniques before, but this time I got so involved in mixing them that something unimaginable came out.


I was sure that my "Hatter" should sparkle with originality, and to enhance the image, I had the idea to make the hair out of hay. I didn't invent anything new. Similar experiments, especially with hair, have been done by many people in the fashion industry before me, which is a great driving force for my own creative projects. Sometimes the idea can be quite complicated and there are all kinds of difficulties along the way, but that is normal because the creative process cannot go too smoothly.


"A story doesn't really evoke strong emotions without a bit of mystery and drama."


I've always been drawn to picturesque stories that offer a kind of respite from the tedium of everyday life. Sometimes I long for something less predictable and more magical. By immersing myself in a fairy tale universe, I found myself in another reality that became very real to me. The strokes of the artist's brush created an enchanting world in which you never get to know the main character until the end. While you can interpret the character in "The Mysterious Hatter" any way you like, the twisted path of the character's thoughts will remain unfathomable.  


Author: Darya Dolgareva