I cherish the dream of turning banality into deep drama


Daria Dolgareva (Born in Russia, 1991) is a portrait and figurative painter.


With a classical art education, at the age of 22 Daria delved into the independent study of old school painting techniques. Her experience is based on copying the best masters of art, personal experiments, studying literature and museum collections. In 2017, she was invited to take a teaching role at a private painting school where she made a significant contribution to the development of drawing skills of children and adults with physical disabilities. She introduced the visually impaired to content elements such as: form, rhythm, harmony, plasticity and color combination. These art classes helped visually impaired people develop fine motor skills, which are responsible for thinking, speech, coordination, visual and motor memory. During her five years at the studio, Daria has also helped create training courses that have been a great success among aspiring artists.


Everyday life for the big romantic became cramped, and since 2021 Daria has been acting as a creative producer, curating photo shoots for her painting. The artist's work combines the ideas of the old masters and modern interpretations, where craftsmanship goes side by side with innovative ideas. The largest of the projects contain not only the final painting, but also costumes and accessories she created specifically for the portraits. All these elements contribute to conveying the overall idea and transcend traditional boundaries while retaining the historical flavor. Possessing a creative streak and strong organizational skills, Daria brings together top-class specialists: photographers, videographers, stylists, make-up artists and many others. The right environment is created on the site, where the artist presents items specially produced for the project. Everything around turns into a significant, emotionally vivid event. Her sitters become characters that draw on the language of classical portraiture and the world of contemporary fashion.


The artist's paintings have been recognized at prestigious art competitions. Daria Dolgareva was awarded "Honorable Mentions Painting" at the Spanish ModPortrait IX season competition. She was an award winner at the 15th and 16th Annual ARC Salon and a finalist in the international Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize competition. Her painting "Isabelle" was featured in the halls of MEAM, Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno (Barcelona, España). On behalf of the prestigious Arcadia Contemporary Gallery, Daria debuted at the LA Art Show 2022 in Los Angeles and Five and Under 2023 in New York. After the LA Art Show opened, she was recognized by Arte Al Límite magazine as an artist worth seeing at the show. The article lists her name first among the greatest artists Marc Chagall, Pablo Picasso and Jackson Pollock . 


Today, the artist's paintings are in various private and public collections, including the MEAM, Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno (Barcelona, España). The museum presents the best examples of figurative realist art from the 20th and 21st centuries. Located in Barcelona's Gothic Quarter, next to the Picasso Museum, the museum is an 18th-century palace with nearly 1,700 works by artists from 80 countries.


In addition to a rich exhibition history, Daria has a number of publications in leading publications. Her paintings have graced such art magazines as American Art Collector, International Artist and Beautiful Bizarre magazine. In-depth interviews have been published on the pages of leading Russian publications such as Komsomolskaya Pravda, SM News and Rosbalt. Daria is also the author of scientific articles, including a publication in the scientific and methodological journal Secreta Artis, which explores fine art technologies and revitalizes the best artistic traditions.  


FIVE AND UNDER - Arcadia Contemporary - New York City, USA

The Almenara Art Prize - online exhibition - Spain

25 Años Artelibre - Galería Artelibre, online exhibition - Spain

LA Art Show - Arcadia Contemporary, Convention Center - Los Angeles, USA


"Halcyon Days", Modern Eden Gallery - San Francisco, USA

"Algo más que realismo", a Sala de Exposiciones de la Agrupación Artística Aragonesa de Zaragoza - Zaragoza, Spain

ARTLIFE FEST 2022, V International Interactive Festival of Contemporary Art (Central Exhibition Hall "Manege") - Moscow, Russia

IX ModPortrait exhibition, MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art) - Barcelona, Spain

IX ModPortrait exhibition, Caja Rural de Aragón - Zaragoza, Spain

ART TODAY, The Tretyakov Gallery - Moscow, Russia

Exhibition at the "Secret Museum of Lucy Charskaya" - Moscow, Russia

4th “Portrait”, ART ROOM GALLERY - USA

"MAN & WOMAN | Two Worlds", Gallery of the Eurasian Art Union - Gallery of Modern Art "Eurasium" - Moscow, Russia

ARTON Gallery, Sensuality - Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russian Art Week, International Exhibition & Competition of Traditional and Contemporary Art, Amber Plaza Congress Hall - Moscow, Russia

Female Image, International Exhibition & Competition of Modern & Contemporary Art, Amber Plaza Congress Hall - Moscow, Russia

"Modern man in the eyes of the artist", in a historic mansion of the 18th century - Moscow, Russia

Art-Portrait, Gallery of contemporary art “Eurasium” - Moscow, Russia

Great Art Copy, Gallery of contemporary art “Eurasium” - Moscow, Russia

Group show from the Creative Modern Artists Association of Russia - Moscow, Russia


Art-Portrait, Gallery of contemporary art “Eurasium” - Moscow, Russia



Finalist, ModPortrait,2022 - Spain


Gold medal, ART. EXCELLENCE. AWARDS., XIV season, International Academy of Contemporary Arts - Russia

Finalist, Figurative & Portraiture Category – 16th International ARC Salon - USA

Honorable Mention, ModPortrait,2021 - Spain

Gold medal, ART. EXCELLENCE. AWARDS., XIII season, International Academy of Contemporary Arts - Russia

Merit Award, 4th “Portrait”, ART ROOM GALLERY - USA

1-st place, "MAN & WOMAN | Two Worlds", Faces and emotions, International Exhibition and Competition of Communication - Moscow, Russia

First Place winner, March "Open" Competition, online Art gallery HelvetArt - Geneva, Switzerland

1-st place, Russian Art Week, International Exhibition & Competition of Traditional and Contemporary Art - Russia

1-st place, Female Image, International Exhibition & Competition of Modern & Contemporary Art - Russia

Award Winner, 1-st Award in Favorite subjects, International Artist Magazine - USA

1-st place, Great Art Copy, International Competition-Exhibition of Art copy Mastery, European visual art of the Baroque period - Russia 


1-st place, Art-portrait, International festival of portraiture, Classical & modern painting competition - Russia

Finalist, Traditional Art Award - Portrait of a Doll - Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize - Australia


Finalist, Imaginative Realism Category – The Girl in the Old Dutch Frame – 15th International ARC Salon - USA


MEAM (Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno) - Barcelona, Spine

"The Secret Museum of Lucy Charskaya" - Moscow, Russia