Darya Dolgareva (Daria Mart) is a classically trained artist who devotes herself exclusively to creating portraits.

Born in Russia 1991. Lives and works in Saint Petersburg. 


On creative work

My dream is to turn banality into drama


I wanted to create effigies with deep overtones. For this I could not often find resources or afford to purchase the necessary props. It was this obstacle that helped me to start creating costumes and accessories for my paintings. My creative work combines ideas of old masters and modern interpretations. 


I specialize in portraits and figurative painting. Inspired by Dutch masters, I incorporate classical techniques into the world of contemporary culture and design, modern faces and figures. This mixture of old and new elements allows me to create a unique synthesis, both addressing nostalgic feelings and entrenching the content and plots in the energy of our time.


Connecting the layered painting technique with the elements of modernity, I would like to emphasize the beauty of our time, using a stroke of the paintbrush as a means of the visual language. My paintings are not oriented towards hyperrealism, and the brushwork is always important. The brush strokes enable the artist to render various visual effects, such as the glint in the eyes or sequins on the fabric, imitating embossment or embroidery.


It takes me months to complete some works. The biggest of my projects contain not only the final painting, but also costumes, designed for particular effigies. These two elements contribute into rendering the general idea and transcend the traditional framework while retaining the historical flavour.


How did it start?

People are born twice: when they draw their first breath and then when they find their vocation. My second birth happened when I found my father’s drawings. There was no Internet back then, so my acquaintance with art started with my father’s album and books from our family library. I grew fond of spending mornings over historical memoirs, which I had taken to since childhood. At the same time I became keen on making clothes for my dolls instead of just playing with them. As far as I can remember, I have always had a desire to create.


My father was my first role model in art. He taught me the correct understanding of the subject of drawing, to see the bigger picture, and set me an example of  how to effectively teach others. I was not blessed with strong health; neither did my family have a financial ability to send me to art school, so I lost my chance of enrolling. However, when I turned 17, I went to a vocational school to study art painting and was the only student there without preliminary art education.The first year of studies was associated with low grades and poor progress. Nevertheless, I did not give up: I stayed after classes to practise drawing, while at home my father gave me extra lessons.  He was not only a father and teacher, but also my best friend.


Having reached a new level, in my second year, I already knew that my favourite subject is the human being. I wanted to continue my professional development, so, after graduating with honours, I left home. I was 20 and had neither means, nor necessary connections in the world of art. I plunged into further studies with enthusiasm, took different courses, absorbed knowledge everywhere. When I turned 22, my father tragically died. I was devastated. I needed a reason to go on, so I delved into studying the old masters’ techniques in order to discover myself as an artist. Books and museums became my tutors, and five years later the first self-portrait was created. It was to become the starting point of my further career.


Artists live and create in their epoch, whether they like it or not, while at the same time transforming reality. The essence of portrait painting is the desire to change what one sees, to combine the relationship between the model and the artist (often a purely imaginary one) with the attitude the model has towards him- or herself. My priority was to learn a technique that has nothing in common with mere imitation of reality.


If art does change, it affects everything – furniture, interiors, fashion, and design. An image one creates can tell the viewer what is going on in the world.I like to combine the technique of painting in layers with modern elements. For me, painting is not just a space for experiments, but a part of life, modern life.





IX ModPortrait exhibition, MEAM (European Museum of Modern Art) - Barcelona, Spain

IX ModPortrait exhibition, Caja Rural de Aragón - Zaragoza, Spain

ART TODAY, The Tretyakov Gallery - Moscow, Russia

Exhibition at the "Secret Museum of Lucy Charskaya" - Moscow, Russia

4th “Portrait”, ART ROOM GALLERY - USA

"MAN & WOMAN | Two Worlds", Gallery of the Eurasian Art Union - Gallery of Modern Art "Eurasium" - Moscow, Russia

ARTON Gallery, Sensuality - Saint Petersburg, Russia

Russian Art Week, International Exhibition & Competition of Traditional and Contemporary Art, Amber Plaza Congress Hall - Moscow, Russia

Female Image, International Exhibition & Competition of Modern & Contemporary Art, Amber Plaza Congress Hall - Moscow, Russia

"Modern man in the eyes of the artist", in a historic mansion of the 18th century - Moscow, Russia

Art-Portrait, Gallery of contemporary art “Eurasium” - Moscow, Russia

Great Art Copy, Gallery of contemporary art “Eurasium” - Moscow, Russia

Group show from the Creative Modern Artists Association of Russia - Moscow, Russia


Art-Portrait, Gallery of contemporary art “Eurasium” - Moscow, Russia



Beautiful Bizarre Magazine #038, September 2022 - Australia

American Art Collector  #201 July 2022 - USA

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JaamZIN Creative, digital magazine - Singapore


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Honorable Mention, ModPortrait,2021 - Spain

Gold medal, ART. EXCELLENCE. AWARDS., International Academy of Contemporary Arts - Russia

Merit Award, 4th “Portrait”, ART ROOM GALLERY - USA

1-st place, "MAN & WOMAN | Two Worlds", Faces and emotions, International Exhibition and Competition of Communication - Moscow, Russia

First Place winner, March "Open" Competition, online Art gallery HelvetArt - Geneva, Switzerland

1-st place, Russian Art Week, International Exhibition & Competition of Traditional and Contemporary Art - Russia

1-st place, Female Image, International Exhibition & Competition of Modern & Contemporary Art - Russia

Award Winner, 1-st Award in Favorite subjects, International Artist Magazine - USA

1-st place, Great Art Copy, International Competition-Exhibition of Art copy Mastery, European visual art of the Baroque period - Russia 


1-st place, Art-portrait, International festival of portraiture, Classical & modern painting competition - Russia

Finalist, Traditional Art Award - Portrait of a Doll - Beautiful Bizarre Art Prize - Australia


Finalist, Imaginative Realism Category – The Girl in the Old Dutch Frame – International ARC Salon - USA


MEAM (Museo Europeo de Arte Moderno) - Barcelona, Spine

"The Secret Museum of Lucy Charskaya" - Moscow, Russia


2017 Преподаватель  Арт-студии “Начало”. Живопись старых мастеров, живопись алла прима, портретная живопись. г. Санкт-Петербург.

2014-2015 Практика по сбору мозаики в Академии им. А. Л. Штиглица.

2012-2015 Санкт-Петербургский Государственный университет технологии и дизайна. Монументально-декоративное искусство. г. Санкт-Петербург.

2011-2012 Новгородский государственный университет имени Ярослава Мудрого. Дизайн костюма. г. Великий Новгород.

2010-2011 Ассистент художника в Павловской Воскресенской церкви г. Павлово.

2009-2011 Дополнительное обучение рисунка и живописи у художника Березина И. В.

2007-2011 Павловский Техникум Народных Художественных промыслов России. Художник-мастер. г. Павлово, Нижегородская область.

Daria Mart